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Hello Everyone,

I’ve been holding this off for a while but here it comes.

Being on tumblr doesn’t make me happy anymore. The Yunho tag is just another version of the yunjae tag. It’s full of tumblr using TVXQ/JYJ fans who, in my opinion, have lost sight of their compassion for the members and the band, and see only selfish desires. The Super Junior tags are depressing and full of guilt tripping voting links or things even completely unrelated to the boys.

There are too many directionless text posts that cause fights and horrifying stories of disrespect shown to band members traveling abroad. The news that is posted here is, more often than not, mistranslated or misunderstood due to popular sites such as allkpop and koreaboo posting biased articles that are misleading. Rumors are posted as fact and false information is spread around. Edited pictures, gifs, and photosets are stolen, reposted, or not allowed due to Korean fansites.

Being part of a k-pop fandom on tumblr just isn’t what it used to be. I feel like the love I have for my favorite idols is not on the same wavelength as today’s tumblr community. I don’t feel sincerity, devotion, or genuine love from the self proclaimed “fans”. All I see is widespread immaturity or mere infatuation. Selfish actions that do not support selfless words. Cruelty to each other because of difference in opinion or thought. Jealousy, hatred, and wrath because of petty scandals and OTP preferences.

So this is goodbye. I won’t be deleting my blog but I won’t be here anymore. To the many many of you that still follow me regardless of the phases that my blog has gone through, thank you. My message to you is this—

I hope you will stop seeing yourself as a worthless useless fan. You are more than that. Please take care of yourself in your life outside of tumblr, stop reblogging text posts about how invisible you are and how impossible life is, and follow your dreams accordingly.

When I first started this blog, as a k-pop fan, I felt light years away from where I wanted to be and many people here on tumblr even tried to stop me from moving forward— but I live in Seoul now, going to my dream university, and pursuing my dream job in Korea’s entertainment industry. You will only go as far as you actually walk.

Lastly, 오빠 may not know your name, but he knows you exist. You help him make his dreams come true, and just in case you’re not the one he marries, don’t ever forget that from the day he debuted to his very last performance, he did it all for you.

Yours Truly,