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Is anybody even realizing?

We complained about paper albums so they gave us fine cloth.

We hated the black and white so they gave us Mr. Simple.

We complained about the box so they gave us better special effects.

We complained that SJ was never advertised enough, so they bought screen time for the MV teaser in some of the busiest places in Seoul.

We whined that they don’t go on enough variety shows, so they made SJ host their own and filled their schedules with MC opportunities.

We said you don’t treat SJ right, so MuBank bought them a private jet.

We whined that SNSD had prettier teaser pictures so they gave us a “beautiful man” concept.

We wanted a world tour and they tried.

Even if SM has done some shitty ass stuff that I admit I’m still bitter about, and even if they only started trying on Super Junior’s final album, at least they listened. You can’t deny that.

Be happy for this album. It was a gift.